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MelTodd2011-9-26 19:55:12
Hi Jackie I hope you and your staff are all well.It is 5 years since I was in Yangtai and would like to say that I enjoyed the 2 years that I was there and a regular to your Restraunt. The food was always ecellent and the company very good. I may have the opportunity to visit Yantai in the near future so will definately call in to say hello, Very best wishes to all.
Jackie 于 2011-10-14 15:59:38 回复
OMG,it's really nice to heard from you again and hope to see you very soon...
all the best wishes to you from all staff at Jackie's



daisy2011-6-25 19:36:44
my hometown is Yantai. if I have a chance , by accident I saw your restaurant online. I wish to have the opportunity to go there to work.


Alice2011-5-5 0:02:47
I'm interested in service industry. I hope I have chance to work in Jackie's cuisine when I graduate. Best wishes to Jackie's cuisine and friends in JC.


Warner2009-12-31 14:14:07
Hi Jackie! I'm going to be moving to Laizhou soon! Thanks for the black and green olives the last time I was in town (during the October holiday!) I have a question for you.... Which of the following spices will I be able to get in Yantai or through you via Beijing while I'm teaching in Laizhou? And how much will they be? call yaowuersibabasilinglingsan and let me know. I didn't want to write my phone number on here. onion powder, crushed red pepper flakes, dried oregano, paprika , sea salt (not iodionized), vanilla, basil, ginger powder, parsley flakes, cloves . Thanks for your help. I am moving up to Laizhou the beginning of February. Hope to see you soon and to hear from you sooner! If you can't understand my phone number, you can email me at warnerinchina@yahoo.com Warner
Jackie 于 2010-01-03 15:19:46 回复
I'll write back by your Email.



Mel2009-10-21 17:22:27
Hi to all at Jackies I had a great time and met lots of friends at your cuisine, please say hello to Harry, Michael and the girls and thank them for making my stay in China enjoyable. Thanks to you too jackie forbeing a good friend and host. I hope to see you all again sometime.
Jackie 于 2009-12-05 16:36:30 回复
It's really glad to heard from you, all the best wishes to you from all staff at Jackie's & hope to see you soon if possible..



可爱Amy2009-10-2 22:48:43
hello,大叔I was in Beijing to study the production of desserts!haha大叔和涛哥祝你们节日快乐!
Jackie 于 2009-10-11 22:10:34 回复
Good luck dear Amy...



Chinny2008-1-29 23:00:31
A blogger was promoting your restaurant on a forum.Wow, a restaurant with a fully functional website? It gotta be good, right? It's a pity that I didn't find you guys sooner, I was just in Yantai during Christmas break. Hopefully I'll be able to come this year.

b.t.w.how is this member application processed?

Wish you all the best & 春节快乐!
Jackie 于 2008-03-09 20:34:39 回复
Give us call for table reservation before you coming, we will try to arrange the table for you guys!



LinGu2007-12-20 18:01:33
How can people go to Jackie's Cuisine to eat if they just travel in Yantai?
Jackie 于 2008-03-09 20:42:10 回复
Feel free give us call at 615 1252 for table reservation that we are really appreciate!



vivien2007-12-11 21:32:25
just sya hello to everybody!especially,say hello to my best friend Ava!thank u!like JC very much!come on!
Jackie 于 2008-03-09 20:40:00 回复
Thx for your kindly greetings, welcom to our place anytime and miss you so much!
Best wishers



Dean2006-3-7 15:36:37
Hey guys....missing you all heaps...and wish i was there with you all.....thanks for all the cheese..hahaha...And Jackie i would still like to try and get my hands on the picture with me and Harry....I will get Mark to swing buy and give you my email and please give my apoligies to Lisa as i have misplaced her email address and i promised i would write her...I will get Mark to swing by and pick it up and drop off mine....Once again thanks for everything and the great company while there....And to anyone reading this GO TO JACKIES when in Yantai the place is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie 于 2006-03-15 2:53:41 回复
Thank you so much your kindly message, everybody here really hope to see you back.
Miss you and take good care.
Say hello to your family.

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